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    The '12'th China Guangzhou Int'ernationa'l Electric Heating Exhibition (GEHE201'6')   '

    '                  'Exhibition Date: '26-28, September,' 201'6'   

    '    'Exhibition 'Center': China Import & Export Fair, Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou.



    The '12t'h China Guangzhou Int'l Electric Heating Exhibition (GEHE201'6'), the biggest and most influential trade show especially for heating elements, will be grandly held from Sep. 26' '28', 201'6. '


    GEHE has grown considerably since its launch in 2004, featuring hundreds of domestic and international exhibitors each year. The size of the event increases every year as its reputation grows. A large part of the growth must also be attributed to the increased demand for electric heating products in China and the g…

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  • Biomasschina

    5th Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition(APBE2016)'

    'Date: 'Sep.' '26'-'28', 201'6' ' 'Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou ', 'China Import and Export Fair Complex China'--'A huge market 'for Bio-energy Biomass energy has become the fourth most important energy source worldwide and one of the world's best renewable energies, and, as a result, it behooves China to develop this energy. Due to the large population, more and more biomass energy products and equipment are required for electricity generation, heating supply and other aspects. Moreover, State Council of China has issued documents about environmental protection, explicitly mentioning biomass energy. Thus, its foreseeable that great support will be given to biomass energy industry by governments. It…

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